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Pay ₹0 fees till you earn 5LPA+

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Become a Software Developer with our Web & Android App Development courses.
Study at Zero Fee and pay only after you get a job that pays minimum 5LPA.
Build your communication and presentation skills, in addition to becoming a successful developer.

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We follow the true ISA

“Pay ₹0 until you’re hired”.

Pay ₹0 until you’re hired

We mean it when we say it. As per our Income Share Agreement (ISA), you pay nothing until you’re hired with at least ₹5,00,000 salary.

When you are hired, you only pay 15% of your income towards your ISA.

Hear from our Alumni

I came to know about Masai School when I needed it the most. The path was not easy, but I never gave up.

Masai believes in skills more than degrees and that thought process has changed my life.

6 months of Coding culminated into a reward - a developer role with a fast growing Fintech startup.

At Masai, it doesn’t matter where you come from, you just have to give your best efforts and you will see the results at the end of 30 weeks.


Mohamed Hassan

Software Developer

Madhuri Sonawat

Software Engineer


Full-Stack Engineer

Abhishek Saklani

Backend Developer

How to Apply

Our Selection Process is based only on talent and motivation, and not on the basis of educational degrees.

  • 1

    Choose Course

    Choose your desired course.

  • 2

    Create an account

    Fill in your details & start the admission process.

  • 3

    Complete Test

    Clear the Masai School Admission Test (MSAT)

  • 4


    An interview is our final selection round.

  • 5


    Submit the required documents and get enrolled.

Glide Program

Living Allowance for Students

For the entire duration of our full-time courses only, we will provide our top performing students with a living allowance of ₹15,000 per month.

For the entire duration of our full-time courses, we will provide our top performing students with a
                  living allowance of ₹15,000 per month.

We will closely monitor the performance of all our students in Unit-1, or their first month at Masai School, and will evaluate them on the basis of -

Discipline & Attendance Discipline & Attendance
Performance in Assignments Performance in Assignments
Scores in Assessments Scores in Assessments
Team Work Team Work

Based on the overall performances, we will choose the top performing students who will be eligible for the living allowance of ₹15,000 per month, which will be added to their ISA amount.

Masai Alumni work at Leading tech companies

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