Masai Coach Programme

We are looking for aspirational people who can be coach to students studying in Masai School. Help them to find the next stop in their careers.

Masai Coach Programme

Why Coach?

  • Invest in People

    ‍‍Give back to your local community and help new developers launch their careers, prepare for jobs, and grow.

  • Recruit talent

    ‍‍‍‍Be the first to mentor talented students and help them become high quality candidates for your company or industry.

How the new Coach Program works

All Masai School students will have the opportunity to work with an Industry Mentor in the last 12 weeks of their course.

  • Apply

    ‍Get started by applying to become a Coach. Let us know why you want to be a Masai Coach and how you can help our students.

  • Get matched

    ‍‍We will pair you with our students that can learn from your experience.

  • Meet your student

    ‍‍Meet your student once per week for 45-60 mins virtually.