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Alumni Testimonials

Starting with basic or no coding skills, our alumni transformed their careers with Masai. They are now developers & engineers at some of world’s most reputed tech companies.

Mohammad Hassan

Mohammad Hassan, B.E - (Mech)

Software Developer


My dad said there could be hidden charges. But, I have completed my PAP in 12 months so I can say that Masai School is completely transparent.

Aalind Sharma

Aalind Sharma, B.Tech - (CS)

Software Engineer


Even after graduating with a CS degree l had doubts about my technical skills before joining Masai. But with their intensive program, Masai School helped me to improve my coding skills, soft skills, and made me more confident about myself.

Aayushi Shah

Aayushi Shah, B.Com

Software Engineer


I got placed within 2 days after graduation! I’m happy I am part of the Masai family, not because they helped me but because of their mission to help other lost yet capable students out there.

Kritika Tripathi

Kritika Tripathi, B-Tech(CS)

Frontend Developer


Masai brought discipline to my life, helped me develop a coder’s mindset and increase my concentration as well as time management skills. It took me some time, but I got a job of 5 LPA as promised.

Lokesh Nimje

Lokesh Nimje, BE -Mech

Software Engineer


Projects are a part of journey at Masai. It gives the opportunity to work in a team, which gives a real experience of the corporate world. This helps students to develop a better understanding and enhances communication skills.

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