Masai Success Stories

  • Even though I had the passion to be a developer all along, Masai gave me the framework and the support to crack it at a product level within 6 months!

    Karthikeyan Frontend Engineer - smallcase
  • Masai has taught me the importance of discipline, honesty, adaptability, and joy in learning - thank you for all the support!

    Sagar Kailas Kadu
    Sagar Kailas Kadu Software Engineer - Vyapar
  • The path was not easy, but I never gave up - thanks to incredible support from the Masai team!

    Mohamed Hassan
    Mohamed Hassan Software Engineer - Sharechat
  • From having to drop out of school in Class 5, to being a Software Engineer today - Masai has made my dream come true!

    Mohamed Tanveer
    Mohamed Tanveer Software Engineer - influx
  • A place where I learned how to learn & enjoy the process - Masai taught me skills which has helped me land a job with 10x salary!

    Arunabh Singh
    Arunabh Singh Software Engineer - Revvsales
  • Even Hard work under guidance by Masai, led to a developer role at a product company despite a non-cs background within 6 months!

    Piyush Saudagare
    Piyush Saudagare Software Engineer - Vyapar
  • Masai is a life-changing experience - learned how to learn new things rather than being spoon fed!

    Deepanshu Prajapati
    Deepanshu Prajapati Software Engineer - Edstem
  • Whole hearted dedication to the Masai curriculum for 24 weeks & I landed my dream job!

    Ajay Paudel
    Ajay Paudel Frontend Engineer - Spacejoy
  • Masai taught me the value of discipline and continuously helped me put efforts in right direction

    Krishna Kant Sharma
    Krishna Kant Sharma Software Engineer - revvsales
  • If you are planning to go for a full stack development course, just go for Masai. Their course provided me with thorough knowledge of each and every aspect.

    Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar Software Engineer - revvsales
  • 1200+ hours of coding, 14 projects, dozens of hackerrank problems & quizzes over 6 months culminated in a reward - a developer role in the fintech space with a fast growing startup!

    Chandrashekar Software Engineer - Propelld
  • In India, one can get the title of engineer but becoming a Developer is another story! Thanks to Masai School where! learned how to approach problems, not just in tech but life.

    Anuj Choudhary
    Anuj Choudhary Software Engineer - Propelld
  • From being a CS Engineer who couldn't write a single line of code to landing a Software Engineer job in my first attempt after Masai School - I have had a dream run!

    Madhu kumari
    Madhu kumari Software Engineer - revvsales
  • Spent lakhs of rupees on college and coaching fees and 4 years later still unemployable as an engineer Masai helped me turn that around in 6 months

    Hrishabh Dubey
    Hrishabh Dubey Software Engineer - Dus Minute
  • Even after graduating with a CS degree l had doubts about my technical skills but Masai with their intensive program helped me improve my skills and gain confidence in myself.

    Aalind Sharma
    Aalind Sharma Software Engineer - Vyapar
  • The holistic learning structure at Masai has helped me fit - technically, attitudinally & culturally - into one of the hottest tech startups in the country

    Sachin CV
    Sachin CV Software Engineer - Revvsales
  • Masai provided hands-on experience in a structured format that helped me understand the real life usability of coding!

Two ethos of Masai school: Trust and Transparency

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