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Alumni Testimonials

Shreedhar Bhat

Shreedhar Bhat, B.Sc LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


From my experience all I can say is - Don’t give up. My transition from a B.Sc graduate to a Software Developer, that too in a pandemic, I am lucky to stand at par with my colleagues at Instamojo who come from premier institutes like the IITs. Masai School has shaped my professional career.


Karthikeyan, B.Tech - (EEE) LinkedIn icon
Frontend Engineer


Even though I already had the passion to be a software developer all along, it was Masai School who provides me with the right framework and support. Due to my training at Masai I was able to crack the interview at Smallcase and get the job as Frontend Developer.

Suhail Malik

Suhail Malik, Diploma - (IT) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


I was able to crack my very first interview at one of the hottest tech product startups! In just 7 months I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, Express & Mongo. They provide you with full support, the best mentors, an extensive curriculum with do it all with a lot of care for students.

Sagar Kailas Kadu

Sagar Kailas Kadu, B.Tech - (Mech) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


After my course from Masai School, I get to know the importance of discipline, resilience, passion and grit to be successful in your career. Masai school doesn't just teach you how to code, it prepares you for a better career ahead.

Madhuri Sonawat

Madhuri Sonawat, B.Com LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


Joining Masai School is by far the best decision I've made in my life! I had zero coding knowledge when I joined and yet, I cracked my first developer interview after just 6 months of training. Masai believes in skills more than degrees and that thought process has changed my life.

Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed Hassan, B.E - (Mech) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


I came to know about Masai School when I needed it the most. The path was not easy, but I never gave up. Thanks to the incredible support from the Masai team that I get to excel in what I was truly passionate about and got the opportunity to work in one of India's fastest growing social media company, Sharechat.

Mohamed Tanveer

Mohamed Tanveer, No degree LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


Being selected at Masai School was one of the best thing that happened to me. In 6 months I learned how to code from scratch. From having to drop out of school in Class 5, to being a Software Engineer today - Masai has made my dream come true.

Arunabh Singh

Arunabh Singh, B.Tech - (Civil) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


Masai School is the best and one of its own. The school is providing courses with the most required tech stack in market which will make people stand out in crowd with great logical and communication skills. Being an alumni at Masai I can say that you just need to work hard and be consistent, rest will be taken care by the Masai Team. I got everything I need for my career during my course at Masai which I never had before.

Piyush Saudagare

Piyush Saudagare, B.E - (Intrumentation) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


Being from a non-cs background to a Developer has been a tremendous journey at Masai School. After 6 months of the rigorous 9-9-6 training schedule and lots of session with my mentors, I finally got placed as a Developer at a product based company.

Deepanshu Prajapati

Deepanshu Prajapati, BCA - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


After months of graduation, I still have support from Masai School & their placement cell. The best thing? They teach you 'how to learn' and not just what to learn. And because the world is so fast-paced, learning how to learn can help you make the most of the dynamic times we live in!

Krishna Kant Sharma

Krishna Kant Sharma, B.E - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


Masai taught me the value of discipline and continuously pushed me to put my best efforts in right direction. The entire team at Masai is very experienced and supportive, and their curriculum is up to date and includes lot of practical implementation which is a must to be a top-notch developer nowadays.

Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar, M.Tech - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


If you are planning to be a Full Stack Developer, then stop your search right now and just join Masai School. Their course & training module won't just teach you the technical part but will also teach you skills like teamwork, communication, and presentation which is really important in today's corporate world.


Chandrashekar, B.E - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


1200+ hours of coding, 100+ hours of soft-skills training, 14 projects, and dozens of hackerrank problems & quizzes over 6 months culminated in a reward - a developer role in the fintech space with a fast growing startup!

Madhu kumari

Madhu kumari , B.Tech - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


From being a CS Engineer who couldn't write a single line of code to landing a Software Engineer job in my first attempt, I can definitely say that joining Masai School was one of my best decision. The team at Masai helped me to upgrade my career from a semi-technical role to a completely technical role which I was aiming for before joining Masai.

Hrishabh Dubey

Hrishabh Dubey, B.Tech - (ECE) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer

Dus Minute

Joining Masai School was a life changing decision for me. After spending lakhs of rupees on college and coaching fees and 4 years later still unemployable as an engineer, Masai School helped me turn that around in just 6 months. I learned in Masai that with lots of hustle, never give up attitude, and discipline we can achieve any goal in life.

Aalind Sharma

Aalind Sharma, B.Tech - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


Even after graduating with a CS degree l had doubts about my technical skills before joining Masai. But with their intensive program, Masai School helped me to improve my coding skills, soft skills, and made me more confident about myself.

Sachin CV

Sachin CV, B.Tech - (EEC) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


The holistic learning structure and the 9-9-6 training schedule at Masai has helped me fit - technically, attitudinally, and culturally into one of the growing tech startups in the country. If you are willing to work hard then team Masai will leave no stone unturned to get you placed and will get you what you truly deserve.

Harshit Gakhar

Harshit Gakhar, B.Tech - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


The training at Masai School provided hands-on experience in a structured format that eventually helped me to understand the real-life usability of coding. The curriculum is designed in a way that don't just make you a better coder but also a better professional.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar, B.Tech - (EEC) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


Masai is one of the best educational institutes in India! As I come from a Non-CS background, it was very difficult for me to find a place in the tech world. But thanks to Masai, I was provided with the right guidance and support to achieve all my goals!

Mihir Kumar

Mihir Kumar, B.Tech - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


After training at Masai, I now know how to learn myself, take ownership, develop ideas and solve algorithmic problems. I excel in my current job as a software engineer today because of Masai. Their tech curriculum is more than enough to crack any interview. Masai has a 6-month training program but the support they offer - that’s for life.

Aman Kumar

Aman Kumar, B.Tech - (IT) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


After joining Masai, I can easily say that I wrote more code in 2 months here than I ever did in my entire college life. With a good grasp over both frontend and backend, I have now completed multiple projects and showcased them in my portfolio. I was also successful in getting a great developer position soon after the course.

Sandeep Babu

Sandeep Babu, B.Sc - (Mech) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


I joined masai when I was trying to get a hold on my career. It was an important decision in my life and the best one I have made. Thanks to Masai's instructors and their 'perfect' curriculum, I got placed soon after the training and made the best out of such a difficult time.

Gondi Gangadhar

Gondi Gangadhar, M.Tech - (EEE) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


Here you learn by practice but not by any means. Masai has a better education system with utmost transparency which will surely become the best soon! I like the way they are evolving from batch to batch and improving with constant feedback from students.

Soumya Acharya

Soumya Acharya, B.Tech - (EE) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


The best educational institution I have ever been to - period! Absolutely professional, empathetic, filled with brilliant trainers and a transparent system accepting and actually processing feedback. This in my opinion should be the standard for all educational institutions.

Naga Sowmya Narayanan

Naga Sowmya Narayanan, B.Tech - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


Even as a CS student, I couldn't write the simple 'Hello World' program. But Masai helped me become a professional coder in a very short period of time. Thank you Masai, for being the backbone of my career - I couldn't imagine my professional future without you!

Piyush Jain

Piyush Jain, B.Tech - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Frontend Developer


Few things that I learnt at Masai and follow daily: Perseverance, learning from mistakes and never ever quitting! I initially found the military style of coding quite rigorous but eventually started liking the routine. Had excellent support from the team (Tech & Placement) to help me get placed at a great startup. I would definitely recommend you to join Masai School for a great future and support from them.

Alok Kothiyal

Alok Kothiyal, B.Tech - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Backend Engineer


After my, CSE in 2019, I realised that I lacked industry relevant skills & needed to work more on my coding skills. Thanks to Masai zero registration cost and ISA, now I have hands-on experience in various web technologies and concepts including DS & Algo.

Abhishek Saklani

Abhishek Saklani, B.Tech - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


Superb curriculum, excellent team, and great support. At Masai, it doesn't matter where you come from, you just have to give your best efforts and you will see the results at the end of 30 weeks. Masai doesn't leave any stone unturned in the process of your learning and growth.

Abhinaya Bala

Abhinaya Bala, B.E - (CS) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


Masai has transformed me. With a very good manage ment and excellent mentors, the school helped me throughout the course and to get a job. If you’re passionate about technology and ready to work hard, then masai is the perfect launchpad.

Vishnu Satish

Vishnu Satish, B.Com LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


If you want to learn programming and app development, Masai School is the place to join. Whatever you educational background is, Masai team will ensure you understand everything necessary to code and get a job as a developer. Even if you have no prior tech knowledge.

Gaurav Panday

Gaurav Panday, B.Tech - (Mech) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


Masai has changed my life for the better. The journey at Masai School is never going to be easy, however, if you keep working hard the Masai team will definitely ensure you with the right direction for achieving a successful career in future.

Abhinav Thipparapu

Abhinav Thipparapu, B.Tech - (ECE) LinkedIn icon
Software Engineer


After joining Masai I learned, to Learn from my mistakes and never give up. No matter where you stand in life, if you have passion towards learning and working hard then Masai will definitely give you a direction and help you get your dream job.

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